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Is your organization worthy of a Best In Show award, or
would it consistently place out of the ribbons?

Do you have to keep your employees on a short leash or can they work effectively "off-lead"?

When it comes to rewarding employees for a "job well-done", do you know how to praise them so you will see a repeat of that outstanding performance - or do you just toss them a bone?

For over thirty years I have trained and showed dogs at American Kennel Club (AKC) events. Whether exhibiting dogs in pursuit of a championship or obedience title, dogs have played a major role in my life.

Living with dogs can be very educational. And, when it comes to the area of dog obedience training, it constantly amazes me how much of what we wish for in our business leaders is routinely taught to people during a basic dog obedience training class.

Leadership Lessons Learned in Dog Obedience School takes a fun but informative look at the skills required to be an effective leader, and answers the tough leadership question, “What would a dog do?”

While we should not treat employees like dogs, we can learn a great deal about creating a motivating work environment by applying dog training lessons to the work place.  

Treating a dog right - treating a person right - there's not much difference

Leadership Lessons Learned in Dog Obedience School

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