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For many people, the first thing they want when they graduate from college is a job (and maybe a car).  For Doug, the first thing he wanted was a dog.  Soon after graduation, he acquired a Bedlington Terrier he named Montgomery, and that lead him to participate in dog shows and dog obedience training.  His second dog was also a Bedlington Terrier, but it wasn’t long after that that he saw his first Dandie Dinmont Terrier. And, that has led to a 40 year love-affair with the breed.

Operating under the kennel name Montizard, his dandies have won numerous awards at American Kennel Club dog shows, including Best In Shows.  And then there are his Anatolian Shepherds, many of whom are working livestock guardian dogs doing what they were bred to do  - guard livestock.  One of them, Amir, remains the most memorable of all the dogs he has encountered in his life, and following his untimely passing, Doug published a tribute book to him entitled, “Amir – On how to live a good and happy life.”

And, there is Amira the Otterhound.  She joined the family in 2009 and has become a top winning show dog. Otterhounds are one of the world’s more endangered dog breeds due to their low numbers, and supporting and promoting this ancient breed is now one his passions.

When his life is not being ruled by the dogs, Doug just enjoys life on a small farm. He also instructs computer and business courses in academic environments.

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