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Indigo, one of a kind, extraordinary, and exceptional, was getting just a bit tired of the whole farm scene.  Day after day, the same old thing…plus those other mares never seemed to get tired of gossiping about, well, everything!

She overheard some people talking about taking something called a vacation and the more she heard, the more she thought that sounded like something that she, Indigo - one of a kind, extraordinary, and exceptional – should do.  However, here she was, stuck on a farm with a bunch of gossipy mares.

Until the day she heard that her best friend, Jessi, and her tag-a-long friend, Kathy, were going on a trip to Washington, DC.  All the magic words were there…trip, vacation, and some place other than the barn.  Some place called Washington, DC.

Indigo made up her mind.  She would go with them.  So, she packed her bags and this is her story of the best vacation ever!

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Indigo Goes to Washington

Stories and Illustrations by Jessi Bash

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