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I am always meeting people who say, “I’ve always wanted to write a book.”  

So, what’s stopping them?  Probably the same things that stop most people...

I can’t write it for you but I can walk you through the self-publishing process.  I can provide editorial assistance, fix page layout issues and convert the finished document to a PDF file (the file format preferred by publishers).

Books by You -  self-publishing services offered by me…

Self-Publishing Services

  • Help you choose a self-publishing service that meets your needs and expectations
  • Edit the layout of your book in a professional manner with attention to proper margins, document size, pagination
  • Prepare photos and other images for inclusion in your book
  • Convert your document into a PDF file
  • Walk you through all the steps necessary to have your book published
  • Assist in the design of a creative and attractive book cover.

What is Self-Publishing?

It is where you, the author, write, edit and format your document as well as design the book cover.  Once your book is completed, you can have one of the many on-line Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing companies print your book for you.  They generally charge a fee for each book printed and you keep the rest of the selling price as your “commission”.

So, whether you are writing the next great novel, a short work of fiction, a recipe book or creating a photo album, there is a service that will help you make your “publishing” dream come true.

Rates for Self-Publishing Services

Use the contact form on the CONTACT US page and provide an overview of your project. Once I know the extent of your needs I can  offer you a price quote.