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Two new books are in development.  As they near publication status, information will be posted here.  Both books are geared towards young people, but we are sure they will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

 We anticipate publishing the first of these books in the Spring of 2014 and it will feature the dogs introduced in Small Dog - Big Adventure  as they embark on their next adventure.

Current and Future Projects

Tootles Wants!                 NOW AVAILABLE!

A fun illustrated book featuring Tootles the Dandie Dinmont terrier.  It’s all about learning to appreciate what you have.

Meet Tootles  

She likes frogs and bugs (the bigger the better).  She lives on a farm and has a pet alpaca.

Tootles see lots of things wherever she goes.  And, everything Tootles sees – Tootles WANTS!